God Questions to Ask Yourself

A God Question is a question that God asks a persons not because He does not know the answer. 

It seems that God asks that question to trigger some sort of self-evaluation and see if the person knows the true answer. 

God asked Adam"Where are you?(Genesis 3:9)

When God asked Adam this question, he and Eve were still physically living in the Garden of Eden but they had just eaten the forbidden fruit. God asked this question to see if Adam knew where he was spiritually?

Therefore today ask yourself, "Where are you spiritually?" 

God asked Balaam "Who are these men with you?(Numbers 22:9)

These men that God was talking about had been sent by King Balak to get Balaam to go and curse the Israelites. God already knew who they were but he wanted to be sure that Balaam also knew who he was dealing with.  

Therefore today ask yourself "Who are those people in your house?" Do you know their motives?

Jesus asked the disciples, " "Where is your faith?(Luke 8:25)

The disciples were in a boat with Jesus when He fell asleep and a windstorm begun which caused their boat to fill with water. Their lives were in danger and when they woke Jesus up by saying, "Master, Master, we are perishing!", Jesus rebuked the wind and water and responded to the disciples by asking them, "Where is your faith?"

Therefore if you are in a situation that you entered with Jesus but you are now about to drown in problems,instead of panicking ask yourself "Where is your faith?"

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How is it that you do not have faith

God asked Job the following God Questions:
Do you know when God dispatches them and causes the light of His cloud to shine?
Do you know how the clouds are balanced, those wondrous works of Him Who is perfect in knowledge?
Why are your garments hot when He quiets the earth by the south wind?
Have you spread out the skies strong as a cast metal mirror? (Job 37:15-18)

These questions can help put get the right perspective of God so that you can talk to Him the right way as you Present your Case to Him.

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