How to Manage Other People's Anger Biblically

How to manage other people's anger biblically

In some situations anger management involves managing the anger of others.

We can see a good example of this when David and his men returned to their homes in Ziklag and found them burnt and their wives and children kidnapped  because his men begun to talk about stoning him. (1 Samuel 30:1-6) 

David proved himself to be a great leader by the way he handled the situation and he can teach us the following tips on how to manage angry people:

1. Do not get angry
When David's men begun to talk about killing him, the Bible tells us that David encouraged himself in God. (1 Samuel 30:6) 

Therefore if you find yourself surrounded by a group of angry people, ensure that you do not lose your cool and get angry yourself. 

Be determined to remain calm rather than to degenerate into chaos like the people around you and you will be in a better position to think of an appropriate course of action. 
David encouraged himself in the Lord 1 Samuel 30:6

2. Do not argue 
When David's men begun to discussing murdering him, he did not waste his breath trying to reason with them. He did not also try to remind them that he had nothing to do with the kidnapping of their wives or that his own wives had also been kidnapped. He just Encouraged himself in God. (1 Samuel 30:6) 

His response teaches us an important lesson on how to deal with angry people biblically which is not to argue with them. Instead of trying to reason with them, turn to God and begin praying silently in your heart. 
Pray without ceasing 1 Thessalonians 5:17

3. Respond calmly 
After David encouraged himself in the Lord, he asked Abiathar the priest to bring the ephod and he asked God, "Shall I pursue this troop?" (1 Samuel 30:7-8)

I really love David because of this example of great leadership. 
Picture him surrounded by his friends who have now become his frenemies since they want to kill him and he responds by calling the priest and asking God if he should pursue the troop that kidnapped their wives and children.

Therefore when you find yourself in the middle of an angry mob, emulate this great example of Christian anger management by act calmly rather than reacting angrily.
A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger Proverbs 15:1-2

Christian anger management

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