Are You Missing Your Healing?

Healing Crusade Are You Missing Your Healing?

The Bible tells us that an Angel would stir the water in the pool by the Sheep Gate and the first person who stepped in received healing. (John 5:1-4) 

This story reminds me of Christian ministers who travel to different parts of the world to take their healing ministries and hold healing crusades.

It reminds me of them because when they arrive at a place and they "stir the waters" by praying and worshiping God, His power descends and many who are present receive spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

However some people in those cities where they are ministering, people  who are suffering from various physical, emotional and spiritual ailments, do not bother to go to those venues where these servants of God are ministering and the Holy Spirit is moving and thus they end up suffering with their conditions for many years.

I know the man in the Bible story had no one to put him in the water when it was stirred by the Angel but my point is that people with physical, emotional and spiritual ailments should do their best to attend healing Christian crusades in their area because God may be bringing them healing through His servants.

Therefore the next time a mighty man  or woman of God comes to your city, do not ignore their crusade especially if the Holy Spirit is nudging you to attend it.   

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