How to Deal with Many Problems

The woman with the issue of blood can teach us how to deal with many problems because she had many issues.

A certain woman had a flow of blood for 12 years and she had suffered many things from many doctors. She had spent all she had and her condition did not improve, instead it worsened.

When she heard about Jesus, she came behind Him in the crowd and touched His clothes. She said, "If only I touch His garment, I shall be made well. 

Immediately the fountain of blood dried up and she felt that she was healed of her affliction" (Mark 5:25-29)

This woman had the following issues or problemsincluded:
1. The medical issue which was the bleeding disorder that she had suffered from for 12 years.

2. The financial issue since she had spent all her money looking for a cure.

3. The social issue since scholars tell us that she was an outcast because of her bleeding. 

4. Other issues which may not have been mentioned like the stress of living with a chronic illness. 

This woman teaches us how to solve multiple problems without being overwhelmed by choosing to deal with the root problem first. Her root problem was the bleeding disease because when it had led to her financial problems and social problems.

We can see that when she met Jesus she said to herself, "If I touch His garments, I shall be healed". (Mark 5:28) Her main intention was to be healed of her bleeding disease since it was her root problem She did not have multiple intentions when she met Jesus even though she had multiple problems. 

Therefore if you are dealing with multiple problems at once, do not allow to be overwhelmed to the point of giving up.

Write down all your problems and prioritize them. Make your number 1 problem the one that is the source of all your other problems like this woman's sickness or the problem that distresses you the most.

Then begin working on your number 1 problem without paying attention to the other problems. 

Work on your number 1 problem holistically by combining spiritual, physical, mental, verbal and other means to solve it.

For example, if your number 1 issue is a sickness like this woman:
* solve it spiritually by praying and having faith in God
* solve it physically by consulting a doctor 
* solve it mentally by thinking and believing healing thoughts  
* solve it verbally by making positive healing confessions

If your number 1 issue is lack of money:
* solve it spiritually by praying and having faith in God
* solve physically by working 
* solve it mentally by thinking and believing wealthy thoughts  
* solve it verbally by making positive money confession

As you work on solving your number 1 problem, do not entertain thoughts of your other problems. Focus your mind and other resources on your number 1 problem until you have solved it or it stops stressing you. 

After you have solved or made peace with your number 1 problem, then move on and begin working on your number 2 problem and the other problems on your list of multiple problems. 

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