Criticism Opens Testifying Doors

Criticism Opens Testifying Doors

The man who had been lying on his sick bed by the pool at the Sheep Gate for 38 years drew the attention of his critics because he was carrying his bed after Jesus had healed him and told him, "Rise up, take up your bed and walk". (John 5:8) 

The fact that he was carrying his sick bed drew the attention of the Jews and they told him, "It is against the law to carry your bed on the Sabbath". (John 5:10) 

However we can see that if he had not obeyed Jesus and carried his bed, he would not have drawn the attention of the Jews and he would not have had the opportunity to testify to them about Jesus.

We also see that though initially, this man did not know that it was Jesus who had healed him, (John 5:13) he later came to know it was Jesus when He found him in the Temple and told him not to sin anymore. (John 5:14) 

The man then went and told the Jews that it was Jesus who had healed him. (John 5:15) 

The lesson here is that if you are being criticized because you are obeying God and doing something regarded as strange, understand that God use it to elevate you and give you an audience that you can testify to the way He did for this man.

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