Teenage Stress Management

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A study done by Gustavo Carlo, the Millsap Professor of Diversity in the Missouri University Department of Human Development and Family Studies given us some insight on Teenage Stress Management

This study has shown that empathetic teenagers aged between 12 and 15 years tend to manage stress by using problem focused coping techniques. These emotionally stable youth were also less likely to loose their tempers and more likely to engage in pro-social behaviors such as using their money or time to help other members of their society.

These Teenage Stress Management techniques were in contrast to those of their emotionally unstable age mates who were more likely to manage stress by using emotion focused coping techniques such as avoidance. These youths by virtue of being more self-focused, were therefore less likely to help other members of their society and more prone to exhibiting anti-social behavior by becoming aggressive.  

My take on this is that the methods that the emotionally unstable youth chose to manage stress reflect on their immaturity since babies tend to cope with stress by turning their heads away for example from the foods they do not want to eat, which is tantamount to avoidance. Babies also deal with stress by crying, which can be viewed as anti-social behavior by those who are not empathetic to their needs such as neighbors who want to sleep.

The stress management techniques chosen by the emotionally stable youths also reflect on their maturity since most adults tend to choose problem solving tactics to deal with stress.

To learn more on Teenage Stress Management from Gustavo Carlo, who is a family development expert, click here.

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