Dealing with Depression Lesson 3 - Apparel therapy & Biblical therapy

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Apparel therapy is the use of clothes and clothing accessories in different colors for their possible healing effect.

Colors said to have a positive effect on a depressed mental state include warm colors such as orange and yellow and their numerous in-between shades such as mellow yellow, citrus, amber, peach and pumpkin.

Therefore, since different colors have different effects on a person’s mood, try to change your mood by changing the colors of your clothes by experimenting with the following:

1. Hair Accessories
A perfect way to introduce brilliant color into a drab wardrobe is through inexpensive hair accessories such as scrunches, pins and bows.

2. Earrings, Necklaces And Rings
Stud earrings are another gentle and inexpensive way of sneaking bright colors into a wardrobe. For starters you can buy those in colors matching your hair accessories. Consider purchasing sets consisting of earring, necklaces and rings as they may be cheaper than buying them individually. As you get more comfortable with color on your face, you can purchase bigger and brighter dangliing earrings. 

3. Bracelets And Watches
Buy or create as part of your art therapy bright orange bracelets or bangles that match with your earrings and necklaces to inject more color into your wardrobe. In addition, consider buying a watch with a bright orange strap to remind you every time you check the time that you are your way out of the valley of depression.

4. T-Shirts
Buy a T shirt in bright orange since you can wear it with dark colored clothes and blue jeans for blue is the complementary color for orange. You can also try tie and dying a white T shirt as part of your art therapy.

5. Scarves, Gloves And Tights
Scarves, gloves and tights in matching hues of orange are another way of cheering up your wardrobe. They are also relatively inexpensive and versatile since you can wear them with many black clothes. Consider also purchasing orange hats, caps and bandanas for your informal wear.

Christian Biblical Principles for Dealing with Depression

Christian Depression Treatment
Obeying God is the 3rd principle of Christian Depression Treatment.

When Jonah was in his depressing situation which he described as, “The deep closed around me and ... I went down to the moorings of the mountains”, (Jonah 2) we know that the cause of his disobedience to God because he went to Tarshish instead of  Nineveh.

Therefore, when dealing with depression reflect on your life and see if you have gone to the left when God wanted you to go to the right. 

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1. Buy a few mellow yellow, citrus, amber, peach and pumpkin clothing accessories to see if brightening your wardrobe will brighten your mood.

2. Schedule time to analyze your life to see if you have gone to the left when God wanted you to go to the right.

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