How to Pray Effectively

How to Pray Effectively
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People develop stress related illnesses when they live through long standing stressful situations without being able to relax. When you hope in God, you are able to relax no matter how bad the present facts are or how bleak predictions of the future are because you know that God is able to resolve the stressful situation.

Learn from the woman in Mark 5 who had an issue of blood for 12 years. This woman not only had health issues, but she also had financial issues for she had spent all her money moving from doctor to doctor seeking a cure. In addition, she also had social issues for she was considered unclean. But, despite suffering for more than a decade with all these issues, she did not loose her hope and faith in God. It was her faith in Jesus that enabled her to receive her healing but it was her hope in Him that enabled her to seek Him and not just sit at home and wait to bleed to death.

Therefore, if you are in a terrible situation and realistically you have no reason to hope, cling to your hope and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ regardless of what the specialists say about your condition (medical or otherwise) or what your bank statement reads.

Keep your faith in Jesus alive regardless of whether you are dealing with health issues, financial issues, family issues, children issues or career issues because He can resolve in an instant what you have been struggling with for a decade. Keep your faith in Him alive also because believing will enable you to receive the miraculous solution to your stressful situation.

Keep your hope in Jesus alive because hope will enable you to relax in the middle of your stressful situation and survive it without developing stress related illnesses.

Adapted from Managing Stress with the Word of God by Dr. Miriam Kinai © 2007 For more info click here.

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