Romantic Home Decor for Valentine Day

Romantic Home Decor Accents
Romantic home décor accents that are perfect for preparing your home for Valentine’s Day include:

Decorative Throw Pillows

Fluffy, pink or red throw pillows are great home décor accents to add a touch of romance to your home.

If these colors are too bold you can try subtle purples like relaxing lavender, plum and lilac.

You can even go a step further and purchase Heart shaped throw pillows.

Pink rose petals throw pillow

Red and white roses petals throw pillow

Red heart throw pillow

Red rose throw pillow

Red lips throw pillow


Flowers and especially fresh red roses are perfect for decorating your home for Valentine’s Day. Other fragrance flowers that add romance to a room include magnolias.

If you have allergies or you simply do not like fresh flowers, you can decorate your home with faux flowers.

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Flower Vases

Beautiful flower vases, and especially Heart shaped vasesare other home décor accents to add to your home.

Consider buying 5 or more beautiful flower vases of a similar design so that you can group them together to beautify a corner of your home even when you do not have flowers.

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Plates and Placemats

Plates and placemats are an inexpensive way of adding a romantic touch to your home decor.

These can be combined with Heart shaped mugs and Heart shaped plates.

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Jewelry Boxes

Clearing the clutter is a very important step in adding romance to the ambience of a room.
Therefore store all valuable items in beautiful containers like the jewelry box below and sell or throw away the items that clutter your space.

Prints, Posters and Canvas Art

Prints, posters and stretched canvas art are perfect for decorating the walls of your home.
When shopping look for prints with colors like red, pink and white which are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Ensure that these prints also have romantic images like those of roses and the Eiffel Tower.

Combine them with Heart shaped wall decalsHeart shaped photo frames and other Heart shaped framed wall decor to maximize the romantic theme.

Pink roses canvas art

Pink rose and pearls canvas art

Metal Wall Art

Decorating your walls with metal wall art with romantic shapes like love hearts is another way of sprucing your home for Valentine’s Day.

Wall Mirrors

Decorative wall mirrors add light to a room and make it feel more spacious.
Therefore buy one with an elegant gilded frame or one that is etched around the borders.

Wall Clocks

Beautiful wall clocks are also perfect for decorating the walls of your home.
Ensure that they also contain romantic images like of rose petals.

Table Lamps

Beautiful table lamps are also perfect for decorating your home.

Pink roses lamp

Scented Candles

Scented candles decorate your home with their lovely scents and bright colors. Choose scents like rose and colors like red and pink.

Heart shaped floating candles can also be used to add more “romance” to you home. If you are concerned about safety, you can use LED heart shaped lights.

Add you add great scents, remove anything that does not smell nice from your bedroom and living room.

Candle Holders

Buy candle holders that can stand as romantic home décor accents on their own. Perfect examples include Heart shaped bouquet candle holders.

Stained glass and frosted glass candle holders are also perfect for a romantic home décor theme.

Bath Mats

Beautiful bath mats are also perfect for decorating the floors of your home on Valentine Day.

Red and pink roses bath mat

Red roses bath mat

Table Lamps
Impressive table lamps or lanterns can be used to illuminate a room and decorate it at the same time. Choose those with white, ivory or cream lamp shades to match your overall romantic décor.
Pick bulbs that are 60 watts or less for the bedroom to replace harsh glares with soft glows. Pick pink ones to add more romance to the room.
Take your décor a step further and purchase a chandelier to add character to the dining room.

Area Rugs
Area rugs can be used to divide your living space into different zones. They can also be used to add texture to the room.
Thick rugs and especially Heart shaped rugs, warm both the heart and the feet.

You can also add furniture items with heart shapes to infuse a romantic theme into your décor. Perfect examples include:
3. Chair with heart shapes

Other accessories that you can purchase to decorate your home romantically include:

To simplify the whole home decor, you can simply buy red home decor accents like the following to decorate your home for Valentine's Day:

Red bath set

Red wall clock

Red lamp

Red pendant lamp

Red throw pillow

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