How to Make Romantic DIY Gift Baskets for Valentine Day

How to Make Romantic DIY Gift Baskets for Valentine Day

To make your own romantic gift baskets for Valentine’s Day, you should:

Buy The Gift Container

When choosing the container that will hold the other gift items, choose one that is red, pink or white since these are appropriate colors for Valentine’s Day.  

Examples of appropriate gift containers that you can use include:
a) Cellophane gift bags which can be either plain or patterned with romantic images of hearts, roses and kisses.

b) Organza gift bags which come in various shades and you can choose those in romantic colors like romantic red or passionate pink.

c) Paper gift bags which come in various sizes and shades.

Buy The Fillers

Choose fillers for your gift baskets in the Valentine’s day colors of red, pink or white. These fillers can be either:
a) Tissue paper

b) Shredded paper

c) Raffia

Buy The Gift Items

Gift items that are perfect for romantic Valentine's Day gift baskets include:
a) Massage oil

b) Scented candles

c) Finger foods like gourmet popcorn

d) Your favorite drink with glasses

e) Book of romantic stories to share

f) Romantic music CDs

g) Romantic movie DVDs

h) Satin eye mask

i) Faux rose petals

j) Comfort food

k) Candy

l) Romantic bath and body products you have made for them

m) Romantic items you have bought for your husband or your wife

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