Single Mother's Day Devotional

Hagar found herself as a single mother through very unfortunate circumstances. This was because she was an Egyptian maid of Abram's wife Sarai (Genesis 16:1) and when Sarai realized that she could not bear children, she asked her husband to get children with Hagar. Abram obeyed and Hagar conceived. (Genesis 16:4)
After Hagar's conception, her relationship with Sarai did not remain rosy and she left Sarai's home and went to the wilderness. (Genesis 16:6) It was while she was there that God visited her by sending His Angel to her.

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Therefore if like Hagar you are in a personal wilderness because you are:
* single 
* pregnant 
* without social support
* without a job
* hurting because of how you have been treated
understand that God hears your pain for His Angel told Hagar, The Lord has heard your affliction. (Genesis 16:11) 
Know that God also sees your suffering for Hagar Called the Lord who spoke to her, "You Are The God Who Sees" for she said, "have I also seen Him Who sees me?" (Genesis 16:13) 
Therefore, do not despair. 
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