Rhema 2020

2020 Rhema the revealed Word of God from the Bible

This Rhema 2020 blog post is a compilation of the Revealed Word I Receive and it will be updated.  

April 2020 Rhema the revealed Word of God from the Bible

Learn from your past Bible study lesson from Judges 14 and 16

Learn from your past
Samson's first wife pressed him so much that he explained the meaning of his riddle to her. She then told her people and this resulted in having to give them 30 changes of clothing. Judges 14

Delilah also used this same trick of stressing him with questions every day for it is written, And it came to pass that when she pressed him daily with her words and urged him so that his soul was vexed unto death, that he told her all his heart. (Judges 16:16-17)

As a result of Samson opening up his heart to Delilah and telling her the source of his strength, she told her people who captured, blinded and imprisoned him. Judges 16

Though God used these incidences to fight the Philistines through Samson, another lesson we can learn from his life is that you should watch out so that the device of the devil which felled you the first time do not make you fall a second time. Therefore learn from your past failures so that you do not fall for the trap that felled you in the past.

We are not ignorant of his devices 2 Corinthians 2:11

Ask God for your Spring of the Caller like Samson

Ask God for your Spring of the Caller like Samson

Samson had just killed 1000 Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey when he became very thirsty. He cried out to God and God split the hollow place and water came out. He drank and called the place En Hakkore. (Judges 15:14-19)

En Hakkore means Spring of the Caller. 

This is very significant now because it shows us that God can create a spring for us when we call on Him.

Therefore regardless of whether you are:
* very thirsty spiritually because Churches have been closed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and you miss communal praise and worship
* very thirsty financially because Covid19 has wrecked havoc on your business or job
* very thirsty mentally because of the stress you are dealing with due to the current global crisis
or you are very thirsty in any other way
call out to God today so that He can create a spring for you to quench your thirst the way He created a Spring of the Caller for Samson.

Samson Bible Study lessons from Judges 15

Ask God To Show You Who You Really Are

Ask God To Show You Who You Really Are

When God's Angel appeared to Gideon he found him threshing wheat in a winepress so that he could hide it from the Midianites. (Judges 6:11) The Angel spoke to Gideon saying, "The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor!" (Judges 6:12) 

When God told Gideon to Tear down the altar of Baal that your father has and cut down the wooden image beside it. (Judges 6:25) Gideon obeyed and did as per God’s instructions. But, because He feared his father’s household and the men of his city too much to do it during the day, (Judges 6:27) he got 10 men and did it at night.

When God told Gideon to Go in this might of yours and you shall save Israel from the Midianites. Have I not sent you? (Judges 6:14) Gideon asked God, "O Lord, how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh and I am the least in my father's house." (Judges 6:15) 

Thus we can see that Gideon was a fearful man who was afraid of the men of his household and afraid of the men of his city and afraid of the Midianites. In addition he  thought himself to be the least important person in his father's house and consequently the least important person in Israel since he considered his clan the weakest in his tribe.

Bible lessons from Gideon from Judges 6

However, we can see that God held a different opinion about Gideon because His Angel called Gideon a Mighty man of valor!" (Judges 6:12) God even thought that Gideon was the best person to save the Israelites from the Midianites.

This shows us that sometimes we can have a distorted view about ourselves which can be due to the experiences we have gone through in our lives because in Gideon's  case the Israelites we so oppressed by the Midianites so that they made caves in the mountains and they were very impoverished because after they sowed, the Midianites would destroy their produce and leave them without livestock. (Judges 6:2-6) 

Therefore regardless of the situation that has caused your unbiblical self-perception, ask God to heal you so that you can begin to see yourself the way He sees you. 

Then ask God to help you understand who you really are according to how He sees you. 

Finally, ask Him to help you fulfill your purpose so that you do not spend the rest of your life threshing wheat in a winepress when you could be leading God's people to deliverance.

Gideon Bible Study lessons from Judges 6

April 2020 Rhema

Rhema 2020



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