How to Make Natural Body Massage Oil with Essential Oils

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How to Make Natural Body Massage Oil with Essential Oils

How to make natural body massage oils with essential oils is part of our At Home Spa Series.

This easy, DIY body massage oil recipe will enable you to make some of the best body oils since it does not contain potentially hazardous preservatives and dyes as is only uses natural ingredients.

Easy DIY Recipe for Body Massage Oil

How to make natural body massage oil

1 cup vegetable oil like sweet almond oil and sunflower oil 

Mix the vegetable oil and essential oils in a bottle.
Homemade aromatherapy recipe for DIY body massage oil

How To Use Body Massage Oils
Pour a little of the body oil onto the palm of your hand and use it to massage the back of your neck, your feet and legs. You can also use this oil when receiving a whole body professional massage.

To learn more recipes of natural skin care products with essential oils read Aromatherapy for Stress Management 3rd Edition.

Aromatherapy for stress management book teaches you how to manage stress with 12 essential oils.

Lavender essential oil is an excellent aromatherapy oil for managing stress since it has nervine (soothing effect on nerves) properties, sedative (sleep inducing) properties and antispasmodic (relaxes muscle and nerves) properties.
Lavender essential oil has also been proven by this study to help adults feel more relaxed while this study found that it reduced stress levels.

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