Free Christian Counseling: How to Overcome Cocaine Addiction

Free Christian Counseling: How to Overcome Cocaine Addiction

This Free Christian Counseling: blog post is part of our Free Christian Counseling Series.

Im not doing to well at all. I know my procrastination is to blame, I keep feeling like I'm not ready to commit to sobriety, but at the same time, know that I will never really be ready as my addicition never wants it to be over. 

I am recently divorced and also lost my job about 3 months ago. I've been binging on crack cocaine ever since. I feel like I've been turned over to a reprobate mind. I'm isolating and probably in bad health. I'm too afraid to face the real world, so I keep escaping to motels where I can get high undisturbed...I know this can't go on forever, but I need counseling and/or a coach , not necessarily a sponsor. I know the Lord & have been saved over 10yrs, but I feel like a prodigal son....I need help...b4 it's too late... I  honestly think something is wrong with me. I just keep getting high disregarding the obvious consequences. I am very scared of myself. 

I definitely want the madness to end. I'm really feeling sorry for myself & I know that's not a good situation, but it's how I feel. My flesh is horribly weak Maybe I will give you a call tomorrow sometime....God willing. I'm about to lose everything I have left.  I know when that happens I will be in a bad place mentally and am extremely concerned about what I might do in that state...please, please pray for me...I am in a deep hole & can't find the strength to even call on the Lord....your website said that as of January,  you'd be offering your services for free.  I sincerely hope that is the case...I'm in an emergency situation

Thank you for sending your question and I will answer it in the following way:

1. Join a Christian Addiction Treatment Center ASAP
Join a Christian Addiction Treatment Center as soon as possible to get professional help and bring structure to your life since it will be much harder for you to leave the facility and check into a motel to get high. Go through to find one that is near you. You can also call them at 855 934 4673 or send them an email at

2. Begin our Free Christian Addiction Program
As you wait to be admitted into a Christian Rehab Center, please begin our Free Christian Addiction Program
Free Bible Based Addiction Recovery Program

3. Pray for yourself
Begin praying for yourself every hour of every day even when you are using cocaine. Prayers that you can say include:
Father God I ask You in the name of Jesus to help me overcome this addiction.

4. Read your Bible
Begin reading your Bible every day. If you do not have a physical Bible you can read an online Bible at

5. Call your family
I know you said you are divorced but please call your parents or other relatives or concerned friends and ask them to help you get admitted into a Christian Addiction Treatment Center as soon as possible.

6. Go to Church
Go to the Church that is nearest where you are currently located and ask for help. If you are not helped in one Church, move on to the next Church until you are admitted into a Christian Addiction Treatment Center.

Disclaimer: Please note that though we have taken reasonable measures to provide you with the best answer for your question, you take full responsibility for using this information.

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