Relaxation Tips: Gormandize gum, Hide clutter, Imbibe green tea

Relaxation Tips: Gormandize gum, Hide clutter, Imbibe green tea

The following relaxation tips can help you manage stress more effectively:

Gormandize Gum

Studies have shown that chewing gum for around 10 minutes can reduce stress levels. 

Chewing gum is also useful for managing stress in persons who clench their teeth when they are stressed. 

Gormandizing sugarless gum is also beneficial for those who eat or smoke when they are stressed it is less hazardous to their health.

Therefore carry a pack of gum when you are going to encounter potentially stressful situations.
Gormandize gum to manage sttress

Hide Clutter

Clutter causes “visual noise” which contributes to making a person feel stressed.

Therefore, clear the clutter in your home and workspace by discarding or giving away the items that are not useful and that you do not love. 

Arrange the items that you use and display those of sentimental value neatly. Finally, store the items that fall in between these categories away from your view.
Hide clutter to manage stress

Imbibe Green Tea

Studies have shown green tea and black tea contain a compound known as L-Theanine which reduces your body's psychological and physiological responses to stress.

These herbal drinks also contain antioxidants which are useful for maintaining good health.

Therefore sip a cup of these theanine-filled teas to tame stress levels in your body every evening.

Imbibe green tea to manage stress

Look at the Birds
Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns yet your heavenly Father feeds them. (Matthew 6:26) 

Listen to the birds chirping away in the trees without a worry and know it shall also be well with you for Are you not of more value than they? (Matthew 6:26)

Christian relaxation tips

Rules of relaxation

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