Dance Therapy for Dealing with Depression

Dance Therapy for Dealing with Depression

Dance Therapy for Dealing with Depression

Dance therapy has been proven by several studies to be beneficial for the management of depression.

One such study was published in The Arts in Psychotherapy journal (2007) and it revealed that dance therapy was beneficial for persons with symptoms of depression.

Dance Therapy Activity

Schedule time each week to engage in a rhythmic movement activity that you enjoy

This can be traditional dances like ballroom dancing or more modern forms of dancing because what matters is not the type of dancing but rather that you express your feelings as you move. 

Ensure that you also include jumping movements since studies have shown that persons with depression have lower levels of vertical movements.

Dealing with Depression Holistically

To learn more read Dealing with Depression Holistically which teaches how to treat depression naturally with:
* Aromatherapy
* Art therapy
* Christian Bible therapy
* Chromotherapy
* Dance therapy
* Diet therapy
* Eco-therapy
* Exercise therapy
* Herbal therapy
* Home decor therapy
* Music therapy
* Phototherapy
* Relaxation therapy
* Self-Care therapy
* Self-Psychotherapy
* Social therapy
* Talk therapy
* Vitamin therapy
* Writing therapy

Dealing with Depression Holistically

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