How to Deal with Depression Naturally

How to deal with depression naturally

If you are feeling sad or depressed, the first thing you should do is to consult your doctor so that you can be evaluated and get the right treatment for your condition. 

As you following your doctor's recommendations, the following natural therapies can help you cope with depression naturally.

Diet Therapy for Dealing with Depression
Eating foods which increase the levels of serotonin in your body can help you deal with depression since this brain chemical imparts a feeling of emotional well-being. These serotonin-rich foods include complex carbohydrates like brown bread sandwiches and whole grain crackers. 

Brown rice is another complex carbohydrate which is also rich in vitamin B1 (thiamine) and vitamin B9 (folic acid) which are all beneficial for the management of depression. 

Therefore replace the white rice and white bread in your menu with brown rice and brown bread.
Diet therapy for dealing with depression

Eco-Therapy Dealing with Depression

Gardening is one form of eco-therapy that can help you cope with depression naturally. This is because a flourishing garden gives a person a sense of accomplishment which can counteract the thoughts of futility brought on by depression. 

Therefore set up a small garden even if it is a container garden that you grow antidepressant herbs and place it on your kitchen window sill. 
Eco therapy for dealing with depression

Herbs and Spices for Dealing with Depression

Adding the right herbs and spices to your meals can help you cope with depression naturally. Basil and rosemary are herbs which are said to have mood lifting properties. 

Therefore add a few basil leaves to your sauces and rosemary to your meat dishes and you will also benefits from their other healing effects.  
Herbs and spices for dealing with depression

Home Decor Therapy for Dealing with Depression
Decorating your home with the right home decor accents can help you chase away the blues. For example to cheer up a drab room use bright colors like yellow, orange, gold, citrus, amber and apricot.

Therefore incorporate these colors in home decor accessories like wall paper, cushion covers, and bouquets of fresh or faux flowers.  
Home decor therapy for dealing with depression

Exercise for Dealing with Depression
Physical exercise is very important for dealing with depression because during exercise the body releases chemicals known as endorphins which help a person feel better. 

Aerobic exercise has also been proven to be as effective as some of the prescription medications used to treat mild depression.

Therefore schedule time to exercise aerobically by walking briskly for 30 minutes at least three times a week. 

If you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle, first consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program and then join a gym to get assistance from a qualified person.
Exercise therapy for dealing with depression

Music for Dealing with Depression
Medical research suggests that music can lower blood pressure, heart rate and help persons with depression cope better.

The Bible also show us that music can soothe troubled emotions because When David played his harp, King Saul would become refreshed and the distressing spirit would leave him. (1 Samuel 16:23)

Therefore whenever you are distressed by your depressing circumstances listen to anointed Christian praise and worship music. 
If you do not have some favorite musicians, you can listen to those linked below:
Top Christian praise and worship songs
Praise and worship greatest hits
Music therapy for dealing with depression

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