Is It Bad to Fight your Family?

It is bad to fight your family

Is It Bad to Fight Your Family?
My answer to this is "Yes, it is bad to fight your family because Jesus tells us that A divided house cannot stand." (Mark 3:25) 

This means that if members of the same family are fighting each other that family or house will break down. That infighting in that family can make it fall socially, emotionally, physically and financially for example due to divorce.

If disagreements arise between members  of the same family or house, it is best to resolve the conflicts as soon as they develop. 

For effective family conflict resolution follow these steps:
1. Set a time for all the disagreeing or fighting parties to meet face to face.

2. Give each party time to air their grievances without being interrupted.

3. Focus on finding a 50 50 solution that addresses at least 1 need for each of the fighting parties. 

This means that at the end of the meeting each party should leave having felt that they were heard and they received something even if it is a promise that the other party will change.

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