5 Questions to Identify your Life's Purpose

5 Questions to Identify your Life's Purpose

The first step in knowing your life's purpose is to pray and ask God because He is the One Who made you to fulfill that purpose for He says, "Before I formed you in the belly I knew you. Before you came out of the womb I sanctified you and I ordained you". (Jeremiah 1:5)

It is also written that, "Your eyes saw my substance even when I was unformed and in Your book were written all the days fashioned for me before they begun". (Psalm 139:16)

Therefore pray and ask God to reveal for you what He wrote in your book before you were born. After praying, ask yourself the following life purpose questions to help you gain some clarity:

What are my significant life experiences?
God can use your educational and life experiences to prepare you to fulfill your life's purpose like He did for Moses.

Moses' Life's Purpose was to go to Pharaoh, the leader of Egypt and ask him to release the Israelite slaves and then lead the Israelites in the wilderness on the way to their Promised Land. (Exodus 3:10)

To enable Moses fulfill his Lie's Purpose, God orchestrated the following factors into his life:
1. Being born into an Israelite slave family.
2. Being raised as an Egyptian prince because his birth mother hid him in the river and Pharaoh's daughter found him and raised him as her son. (Exodus 2:10) 
3. Becoming learned in all Egyptian wisdom (Acts 7:22) as a result of the education he received as the son of Pharaoh's daughter.
4. Spending 40 years in the wilderness taking care of his father-in-law's sheep

Therefore evaluate your life and identify the out-of-the-norm educational and life experiences you have lived through since these may have been orchestrated into your life to prepare you to fulfill your Life's Purpose.    

What activity makes me feel alive, feel satisfied on the inside and makes me lose track of time?

The activity that makes you feel alive and satisfied on the inside often involves using your talents to do what God has placed in your heart. 

This activity may be something you know innately like cooking or it maybe something  that you have learned like coding websites or knitting cardigans. 

How can I use this activity to help other people?
If you can find a way to use your activity to help other people you will be on track to doing the good works which God prepared for you (Ephesians 2:10) and fulfilling the purposes of God for your generation. (Acts 3:20)

Moses helped the Israelites by leading them from slavery. 
If your activity is coding and programming websites you can donate your services to organizations like churches by creating and maintaining their websites for free.
If your activity is knitting, you can donate a few of your items to people who need warm clothing.  

How can I use this activity to make money?
If you can find a way to use you activity to make money in addition to helping other people, you will have found what has brought you to the kingdom at this time.

Moses did not need to make money since God rained manna from Heaven when the Israelites were in the wilderness.
If your activity is coding you can find a programming job to fill your weekdays.
If your activity is knitting you can find a marketplace to sell your knitted items. 

How can I use this activity to bring glory to God?
If you can find a way to use your activity to bring glory to God you will be doing your Heavenly Father's business here on earth.

Moses brought glory to God because He always consulted God.
If your activity is coding you can bring glory to God by making superb websites for your Church.
If your activity is coding you can bring glory to God by evangelizing as you give your free knitted items to those in need. 


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