Free Christian Counseling: How to Trust God Completely

Free Christian counseling: How to trust God completely


Having difficulty putting my problems and full trust in God. I know His ways are above mine but I still wrestle with anxious thoughts about difficult situations. I should put my trust fully in Him

How to Trust God Completely


If you want to trust God fully, you have to surrender to Him completely.

To surrender completely to God, I encourage you to pray and ask God for what you need to solve your problems.

Then, put your hand in God's Hand and have blind faith that He will lead you to safely to your solution.

To develop your blind faith, close your eyes and try to imagine how a physically blind person puts their hand in the hand of the person who is helping them cross a busy street and they trust him/her with their life even when they cannot see their next step yet they can hear cars hooting from all directions and feel people brushing against them as they rush to cross the street.

Likewise, put your problems in God's Hand and trust Him with your life as you believe that He will safely lead you to the right solutions.

Decide to believe that God can lead you to the right solution even if you do not see how He can do it because We walk by faith and not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7)
I walk by faith (Adapted 2 Corinthians 5:7)

To keep your blind faith in God intact, do not look at the things happening to your physical reality or listen to the words of the people around and take them as evidence of God's leading ability because they can be misleading. 

In addition, whenever anxious thoughts about your difficult situations make you start doubting God's leading ability, take time to pray and recommit your life and your problems to Him again. 

Recommitting your problems to God does mean that you have to remind Him. It simply serves to remind yourself that God is handling them.

How to fight anxiety with prayers

I also recommend that you to read Do Not Calculate the Cost for God (If you cannot afford it let me know through this Contact Form)

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