Conduits of God

The conduits of God

The Conduits of God is a Christian Sermon which uses examples from the Bible to teach you about the “unconventional things” that God uses to channel His blessings to His people.

The Conduits of God is, therefore, an important teaching because it can help you not miss the "unusual'" but miraculous solution that you have been praying for when it arrives because it does not resemble what you were expecting.
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The Conduits of God Book Excerpt
Sometimes when God Opens the windows of heaven to pour out His blessings on us, (Malachi 3:10) He chooses to use conduits that we may consider unusual to channel those blessings to us. Examples of those “unusual conduits” include:

The first example of "unusual conduits" that God used to channel blessings to his people are the ravens He sent to feed Elijah during a famine.

God instructed Elijah to, “Go to the Cherith Brook for you shall drink its water and I have commanded ravens to feed you. ” (1 Kings 17:2-4) Elijah obeyed and twice a day ravens brought him bread and meat to eat. (1 Kings 17:5-6)

These ravens can qualify as "unusual conduits" in our human reasoning because they are omnivorous birds. This means that they feed on both flesh and plant material and thus it would not have been unreasonable if they ate the meat they were supposed to deliver to Elijah.

As humans we would have expected God to use herbivorous birds which do not eat meat to ensure that Elijah received his daily portion of protein. But, being God, He did not because He is able to use “unusual conduits” to fulfill His ends for “My ways are not your ways,” says the Lord. “Because as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than yours” (Isaiah 55:8-9)  
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