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Aromatherapy for Stress Management uses clear explanations and color pictures to teach you how to use aromatherapy oils such as lavender essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil and clary sage essential oil on your body, in your bathroom, bedroom and car to help you relax and feel less stressed.
Table of Contents
What is Aromatherapy?
What are Essential Oils?
How do Essential Oils Work?
What are the Cautionary Measures When Using Essential Oils?
What are Carrier Oils?
Sweet Almond Oil
Olive Oil
Sunflower Oil
Which Essential Oils Are Used in Stress Management?
Lavender Essential Oil
Ylang ylang Essential Oil
Clary Sage Essential Oil
How Do You Blend Essential Oils?
How Do You Use Essential Oils to Manage Stress?
Essential Oil Recipes for Managing Stress
Kindle eBook Aromatherapy for Stress Management 

Aromatherapy for Dealing with Depression uses clear explanations, color pictures and multiple recipes to teach you how to manage depression naturally by using essential oils since these aromatherapy oils are an effective depression self help strategy for adults and teens coping with depression.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. What is Aromatherapy?
Chapter 2. Safety Measures when Using Essential Oils
Chapter 3. Carrier Oils for Managing Depression
Chapter 4. Essential Oils for Managing Depression
Chapter 5. How To Blend Essential Oils
Chapter 6. Natural Depression Treatment Essential Oil Recipes 
Medical Aromatherapy teaches you how to use essential oils to treat medical physical diseases and emotional disorders. This clinical aromatherapy book, which is authored by a medical doctor who is also a certified and practicing aromatherapist, is designed to be an essential resource for physicians, nurses, massage therapists, naturopaths, herbalists and all other holistic healthcare practitioners.
Medical Aromatherapy is also a useful resource for conventional medicine healthcare providers  who want to begin practicing integrative medicine and for patients who want to improve their health naturally by using aromatherapy oils.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 What is Aromatherapy?
Chapter 2 How Do Essential Oils Work?
Chapter 3 Essential Oil Safety Information
Chapter 4 Carrier Oils
Chapter 5 How to Blend Essential Oils
Chapter 6 Aromatherapy for Acne Treatment
Chapter 6 Aromatherapy for Arthritis
Chapter 7 Aromatherapy for Depression
Chapter 8 Aromatherapy for Eczema
Chapter 9 Aromatherapy for Menopause
Chapter 10 Aromatherapy for Premenstrual Tension (PMS)
Chapter 11 Aromatherapy for Stress Management
Chapter 12 Aromatherapy for High Blood Pressure
Chapter 13 Aromatherapy for Acne
Kindle eBook Medical Aromatherapy

The Essentials of Aromatherapy Essential Oils has been designed to help beginners understand and apply the basics of aromatherapy by teaching them how to use these healing essential oils on their bodies, in their homes, offices and cars to improve their physical, mental and emotional well being.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. What is Aromatherapy?
Chapter 2. What are Essential Oils?
Chapter 3. How do Essential Oils Work?
Chapter 4. Chamomile (Roman) Essential Oil
Chapter 5. Clary Sage Essential Oil
Chapter 6. Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Chapter 7. Geranium Essential Oil
Chapter 8. Lavender Essential Oil
Chapter 9. Lemon Essential Oil
Chapter 10. Marjoram Essential Oil
Chapter 11. Orange Essential Oil
Chapter 12. Peppermint Essential Oil
Chapter 13. Rosemary Essential Oil
Chapter 14. Tea Tree Essential Oil
Chapter 15. Ylang ylang Essential Oil
Chapter 16. How Do You Blend Essential Oils?
Chapter 17. What are Carrier Oils?
Chapter 18. Apricot Kernel Oil
Chapter 19. Avocado Oil
Chapter 20. Evening Primrose Oil
Chapter 21. Fractionated Coconut Oil
Chapter 22. Jojoba
Chapter 23. Olive Oil
Chapter 24. Rosehip Oil
Chapter 25. Sunflower Oil
Chapter 26. Sweet Almond Oil
Chapter 27. Virgin Coconut Oil
Chapter 28. How Do You Dilute Essential Oils with Carrier Oils?
Chapter 29. What are the Cautionary Measures for Aromatherapy?
Chapter 30. How Do You Use Essential Oils?

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