Stress Management May Benefit Multiple Sclerosis

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A study which was done recently involving 121 patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) revealed that enrolling in a stress management program can help patients with MS. 

Half of these patients were enrolled in a stress management program while the other half were put on the program’s waiting list and received just a 5 hour workshop on stress management.

These patients in the stress management program attended 16 stress management sessions over the course of the study period. In each session, they were taught:
1. Problem solving skills
2. Relaxation
3. How to improve their social support system
4. How to engage in more positive activities

These study participants also had the option of attending additional sessions on anxiety reduction, insomnia (sleeplessness) treatment, fatigue management, and pain management.

Researchers found that 77% of the study participants in the stress management program group did not develop new MS lesion. This was in contrast to 55% in the group which was put on the waiting list for the stress management program.   

Therefore, learn and practice effective stress management techniques regardless of whether you have MS or not because it is definitely beneficial.

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