Christmas and New Year Quotes and other Pearls of Wisdom

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Christmas Quotes
1. Christmas day activities should include praising God like the angels, worshipping Christ like the wise men and pondering Him in your heart like Mary.
2. As you dig through the wrappings to get to the presents, dig through the trappings to get to the essence of Christmas.
3. Let your life be your Christmas present to Jesus Christ.
4. The wise men offered Christ pure gold that first Christmas. Be wise and offer him your pure heart of gold this Christmas.
5. Do not despise humble beginnings. The Son of God begun His life in a humble manger.

New Year Quotes
1. Peer into the New Year without fear because God is with you.
2. Be clear as you begin the New year where you want to end it.
3. Forget the pains of the Old Year and reach forward to gains of the New Year.
4. Do not dwell on the past year. Look to the possibilities of the new year.
5. In the New Year, renew your mind with the Word of God.

Life Quotes
1. God can change the enemy’s full stop into a comma.
2. When you are up, don’t believe the hype.
When you are down, don’t believe the grime
3. When you pray and you cannot see God, believe that He is working behind the scenes.
4. The day you realize that the devil does not joke when he comes to steal, kill and destroy your life is the day you stop joking with the devil.
5. Today is the best day and now is the right time to improve your life.

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