Relaxation Techniques Course

Relaxation Techniques Course

Relaxation Techniques for Stress Management Courses Online Description

The Relaxation Techniques Course is one of the simplest stress management courses online. This course teaches you how to manage stress using easy to learn relaxation techniques. It also helps you teaches you how to establish daily morning and evening as well as weekly relaxation routines so that you can incorporate these relaxation techniques into your lifestyle.

This Relaxation Routines Course consist of 3 lessons with informative notes and videos. Each lesson ends with optional review questions and practical applications.

It is also one of the self paced stress management courses online and therefore it will not stress you with deadlines. Links have also been provided for additional information and to to help you obtain some of the items discussed in the course.

Relaxation Techniques for Stress Management Courses Online Objectives

1. Learn the benefits of practicing relaxation techniques regularly
2. Learn how to perform 10 simple relaxation techniques
3. Learn how to establish daily and weekly relaxation routines

Relaxation Techniques for Stress Management Courses Online Outline
Lesson 1

Benefits of Practicing Relaxation Techniques

Lesson 2
Top 10 Relaxation Techniques

Lesson 3
Establishing Relaxation Routines


Relaxation Techniques for Stress Management Courses Online Excerpt
Benefits of Relaxation Techniques
Relaxation techniques are a central component of effective stress management since they can counter the body’s stress response by activating its relaxation response and thus reduce the symptoms of stress that may develop when someone is in a stressful situation.

As a result, relaxation techniques are very beneficial to the body as they are able:
1. Lower blood pressure
2. Lower the heart rate
3. Lower the respiration rate
4. Reduce muscle tension
5. Improve concentration
6. Help one sleep better
7. Release endorphins help a person feel good 

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