Christian Biblical Principles for Dealing with Depression

Christian Biblical Principles for Dealing with Depression teaches you how to manage depression and depressing situations by using Biblical principles drawn from people in the Bible who were depressed like Elijah and those who were in depressing situations like Naomi when she returned home after having buried her husband and her two sons.  

Christian Biblical Principles for Dealing with Depression also helps you answer the questions, “What is depression?”, “What are the symptoms of depression?” and “What causes depression?”
Christian Biblical Principles for Dealing with Depression

Christian Biblical Principles for Dealing with Depression Book Excerpt
Prayer is the 1st principle of Christian Depression Treatment.

James 5:13 tells us to pray if we are suffering. 

Therefore, cry out to God in prayer if you are suffering from depression because God promises that if You call on Him, He will answer you and He will be with you in trouble and He will deliver you. (Psalm 91:15)

Emulate Jonah because when depression engulfed him, for he said, “When my soul fainted within me, I remembered you God and my prayer went up to You in Your holy Temple.” (Jonah 2:7)

Jeremiah also called out to God when he was inside the ditch of depression and God heard his voice from deep inside the ditch and delivered him. (Lamentations 3:52-56)

Therefore, regardless of how deep you have fallen into the pit of depression, cry out to God because He will listen to your prayers and help you climb or crawl out of it. God can also command the whale of depressing circumstances that has swallowed you to release you just as He commanded the whale that had swallowed Jonah to release him when he prayed. 

Therefore, pray for yourself whenever you begin to feel blue. The following is a simple sample prayer you can pray to help you overcome depression:
Save me O my God!
For problems have come up to my neck.
I am sinking in deep depression,
I am in deep trouble and problems overwhelm me.
I am tired of crying and my prayer is to You.
O Lord, in the multitude of Your mercy hear me.
Deliver me from this ditch of depression and do not let me sink in it.
Deliver me from those who hate me and out of these deep troubles.
Do not let problems overwhelm me and do not let depression swallow me up. 

(Adapted from Psalm 69)

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