Acne and Stress Management

Stress Causes Acne
A study published in the Archives of Dermatology proves that stress and acne are related. 

In this study college students were evaluated during relatively “stress free” periods (one month before exams) and during relatively “stressful” periods (a few days before and after exams). 

The results of this study were that high stress levels were strongly correlated with more severe acne.

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Stress Hormones Can Cause Acne
This relationship between acne and stress is due to the fact that when a person is stressed, their body produces cortisol which is a stress hormone that results in an increase in the amount of oil that their skin produces. This excessive oil can clog the skin pores or pilosebaceous units resulting in acne breakouts.

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Is Your Acne Stress Related?
If you have acne, it is therefore important to find out if your acne is stress related so that you can manage it more effectively. To determine if it is, examine your face closely during “stressful periods” and see if your acne pimples are more in number, redness and size and if they last longer. If they do, then your acne is stress related.

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Stress Management is Acne Treatment  
If you have stress related acne, relaxation techniques for 
effective stress management should therefore play a central role in your acne treatment program because applying acne products to your face will not solve the whole problem. Address the root cause of the stress because if it is not managed it will result in a vicious cycle in which new pimples cause more stress which in turn results in more pimples.

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Break the Cycle
Therefore, break this vicious cycle of stress and stress related acne, by practising relaxation techniques as religiously as you apply your acne treatment solutions. One such relaxation technique that is beneficial for the management of acne and stress is aerobic exercise. This is due to the fact that regular aerobic exercise decreases the amount of stress related hormones circulating in the body and results in the release endorphins which make you feel better in addition to improving your circulation which results in glowing skin. 

Therefore, take a hike or jog or play basketball or engage in any other aerobic exercise on a regular basis.

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For more info on stress management relaxation techniques, read the 7 Types of Acne and  Top 10 Ways to De-Stress Naturally.

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