When you praying for your stressful situation, you have to begin by acknowledging that God is still in control in heaven, on earth and in your stressful situation.

Learn from King Jehoshaphat when he was stressed by attacking armies in 2 Chronicles 20:4-7 for he acknowledged that:
1. God was God in heaven
2. God ruled over all the nations on earth
3. God was so powerful that no one could resist Him
4. God had given them their land and so He was also able to protect it from those who were trying to take it away from them. 

Therefore if you are suffering from a physical illness, declare that since God is the one who created your body, He is also able to heal it.

If there is a rift in your marriage, proclaim that since God is the one who joined you and your spouse, He is also able to keep you together for what God has joined together, no man or woman should separate. (Matthew 19:6)

So regardless of your specific stressful situation, confess that no problem is too big for Him to solve and that no situation is too stressful for Him to resolve for He is still the Almighty God.

Adapted from Managing Stress with the Word of God by Dr. Miriam Kinai. For more information click here.

Managing Stress Monday: Do you believe that God is still in control over your stressful situation?  

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