The effects of drinking alcohol on the body include:
1. Liver cirrhosis, cancer and pancreatitis
2. Slurred speech, blurred vision and staggering gait 
3. Withdrawal symptoms like sweating, morning shakes and convulsions  

The effects of drinking alcohol on the emotions include:
1. Increased irritability and crying
2. Anger and a propensity for violence
3. Suicide and injuries from attempted suicide especially in stressed or depressed teens

The effects of drinking alcohol on the mind include:
1. Confusion, impaired memory and hallucinations
2. Poor coordination and slow reaction times causing deaths and disabilities by drunk drivers
3. Impaired judgment leading to fornication or rape which may result in sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies and babies with birth defects

Biblical effects for those who linger for long with wine and those who go in search of mixed drinks include:
1. Woe, sorrow and wounds without cause
2. Redness of eyes and seeing strange things
3. Contentions, complaints and uttering perverse things

Therefore, do not gaze at the red wine as it sparkles and swirls in the crystal goblet for once sipped it snips like a serpent. (Provebs 23:29-35) Abstain from drinking wines, beers, traditional brews, spirits and all other alcoholic drinks because they will drown you in problems rather than drown your problems. 

To break free from the addiction of drinking alcohol, remember the mnemonic STOP

S Set a date to stop.

T Think about why you want to stop drinking alcohol and write down your reasons. 
Always carry the paper with you and refer to it when you are tempted to drink alcohol.

O Omit people and places that encourage you to drink alcohol from your diary.

P Put obstacles between you and drinking alcohol.

Adapted from Managing Stress for Teens by Dr. Miriam Kinai © 2009. For more information click here.

Stress Management Thursday: What is the most effective strategy for overcoming alcoholism? 


  1. Hi Miriam! i found your blog! very cool. i like your tangible tips. Keep on!

  2. Thanks. And, I like your blog too. Continue the good work.


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