The effects of smoking cigarettes include:

zCancer of the throat
zCancer of the larynx
zCancer of the lungs
zCancer of the bladder
zHeart attacks
zStomach ulcers
zPremature wrinkles
zStained teeth
zSmall babies 

To break free from the addiction  of smoking cigarettes, remember the mnemonic STOP

S Set a date to stop.

T Think about why you want to overcome the addiction and write down your reasons. 
Always carry the paper with you and refer to it when you are tempted to smoke cigarettes.

O Omit people and places that encourage you to smoke cigarettes from your diary.

P Put obstacles between you and smoking cigarettes.

Adapted from Managing Stress for Teens by Dr. Miriam Kinai © 2009. For more information click here.

Stress Management Thursday: What is your most effective smoking cessation tip?

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