Christian Anger Management part 3

Christian Anger Management part 3

December 1 to 7 is National Anger Awareness Week and we are therefore posting Christian Anger Management part 3 which is an excerpt from the book Christian Anger Management.

Do Not Speak To Annoying People 

God told Moses to speak to the rock. He did not tell him it speak to the Israelites.

Therefore when you have been angered, stop speaking to the annoying people. If a third party is present, address that party or better still don’t say a word when you are mad (pun intended) because we are to Be slow to speak and slow to become angry. (James 1:19)

If you are pushed to speak, force yourself to speak gently because A gentle answer turns away rage but harsh words stir up anger. (Proverbs 15:1)

We can see a good example of gentle words turning away rage when David was very angry because of what Nabal had done to him and he was going to kill all the men in his homestead for Nabal's wife Abigail went to see David and said to him, "Please forgive this trespass for God will certainly prepare for you an enduring house because you fight the battles of the Lord ... And it shall come to pass that when God has done all the good that He has spoken concerning you that there will be no grief to you or offense because you have shed blood without cause or avenged yourself." (1 Samuel 25:28-31)

To learn all the steps read Christian Anger Management.

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