Christian Goal Setting part 2

Christian Goal Setting part 2

Christian Goal Setting part 2 is an excerpt from the book Christian Goal Setting.

The following are the steps that you need to take if you want to set and achieve your goals in life.

Pray Over The Goal

Set a QTM Goal

The second step on the road to achieving your goal is to actually set the goal.

Therefore schedule time to sit and brainstorm to ensure that your goal is a QTM goal. This means that your goal should define the Quantity or Amount you want to achieve, the Time Duration or By When you want to achieve it and the Method or How you achieve it.

For example if you are setting a weight loss goal, your QTM goal will be: I will lose 20 pounds in 6 months by exercising thrice a week.

If you are setting a financial goal, your QTM goal will be: I will make $1,000 in 6 months by selling newspapers and reading Christian Personal Finance.

If you are setting a blog goal, you QTM goal will be: I will have 10,000 pages views each month in 6 months by commenting on other blogs in my niche.

If you are setting a marriage goal, your QTM goal will be: I will get married within 12 months by going on a date each weekend and reading How to Fight Being Single with Bible Verses.

If you are setting a career goal, your QTM goal will be: I will be working 20 hours each week as a freelance writer within 12 months by applying to 10 jobs each day.

If you are setting a New Year’s resolution goal, your QTM goal will be: I will quit smoking cigarettes within 3 months by enrolling in a Christian addiction treatment program.

If you are setting a sales goal, your QTM goal will be: I will be selling 100 gadgets each day within 6 months by pitching on the phone for two hours each morning.

Christian Goal  Setting

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Christian Goal Setting 2nd Edition uses principles from the Bible to teach you how to plan, prepare and achieve your goals regardless of whether you are setting New Year resolutions, financial goals, weight loss goals, career goals, sales goals, relationship goals or any other goals in life.

This Christian self help book also contains motivational goal setting quotes from the Bible, a goal setting worksheet, monthly goal planning worksheet and a daily action plan worksheet to help you achieve your goals.

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