Strengthen Your Faith Devotional Day 15

Strengthen Your Faith Devotional Day 15

Bible Reading

The Gibeonites made peace with the Israelites and this resulted in King Adoni-Zedek of Jerusalem, King Hoham of Hebron, King Piram of Jarmuth, King Japhia of Lachish and King Debir of Eglon uniting to fight them. 

However, The Lord routed them before Israel and killed them. As they fled, the Lord cast large hailstones from heaven on them and more died from the hailstones than from being killed by the Israelites. (Joshua 10:1-11)

Therefore believe that God can destroy the people who have ganged up against you or your interests because With God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)

In addition, know that God is not a respector of persons (Acts 10:34) which means that what He did for the Israelites, He can also do for you if you believe. Therefore believe that He can and if your faith is wavering read How to Increase your Faith.

How to Increase your Faith


Heavenly Father I ask You in the name of Jesus to help me remember that With God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26) including destroying my enemies so that I can believe without wavering that you will help me since All things are possible for the person who believes. (Mark 9:23)

Bible Verse Meditation

The Lord routed them before Israel and killed them. (Joshua 10:1) 

Devotions for Women


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