Christian Book of the Month: Christian Time Management

Our Christian Book of the Month is Christian Time Management.

Christian Time Management uses Bible examples teach you how to manage time more effectively.

Time is a very valuable resource and to manage it effectively, do the following:

Create Weekly Time Budgets
Each Sunday evening, create a Weekly Time Budget for the next week to ensure that you spend your time wisely. To do this, write down how you will spend all the 168 hours of the coming week. After making your Weekly Time Budget, analyze it and tweak it to ensure it is in line with your goals.

As you make your Weekly Time Budget, ensure that it keeps the 3rd commandment by avoiding work-related activities on Sundays for God says, “6 days you shall work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of your Lord. In it you shall not work … because in 6 days the Lord made the heavens, the earth, the sea and all that is in them and rested on the 7th day.” (Exodus 20:8-11)

Create Daily Time Plans
At the end of your work day, create a Daily Time Plan that shows how you will use each hour of the next day.

To create an effective Daily Time Plan, first set the MITs (most important tasks) for each day. Then, prioritize the MITs by determining whether they are important, urgent or non-essential. Finally, give each MIT a time slot starting with three most important MITs.

Then, during your work day, ensure that you keep to your Daily Time Plan by using a reliable watch like those from the Certified Watch Store

Prepare for the New Day
After creating your Daily Time Plan prepare for the new day by organizing all the items you will need to achieve your goals. Create systems to ensure that the items you need on a regular basis are always well organized.

For example if you are a mom your evening preparation can include checking your children's homework, preparing their packed lunches and choosing the clothing they will wear the next day. 

If you are a student it can include completing your homework and packing your book bag.

Eliminate Distractions
Emulate Nehemiah and avoid activities that are not in line with your goals. This is because when his enemies Sanballat and Geshem sent him four messages inviting him to meet them in the Ono plain, he declined their invitation by telling them, “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.” (Nehemiah 6:2-4) Nehemiah then focused his time and energy on doing the job that God had placed in his heart to do which was to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem until he completed it.

Utilize Waiting Times
Utilize the time you spend waiting in queues.
For example if you are a blogger you can answer emails, do online courses or read ebooks.

Work Smart
 The Bible tells us that If the axe is dull and one does not sharpen it then they must use more strength; but wisdom brings success. (Ecclesiastes 10:10) Therefore instead of using more time and strength to complete your activities, work smarter by sharpening the tools you use to do your work. 
For example if you are a blogger you can improve your blogging skills by enrolling in courses and reading ebooks like The She Approach to Boosting Blog Traffic.

Create Time
Create time by cutting into some of your other non-essential activities. 
For example if you sleep for 9 hours each night, you can create time by waking up early like the Proverbs 31 woman for She rises while it is still night. (Proverbs 31:15)

Batch Tasks
Batch activities that use the same skill sets and mindset so that you can get more done in a shorter duration. 

For example if you are a mom, you can cook all the meals on the coming week in one session.

Delegate Activities
Delegate activities to free up your time. 

For example if you are a mom you can delegate setting the table and clearing it after meals to the older children.

Protect Your Time
Put measures in place to protect your time. 

If you are a mom, these measures can include saying “NO” to people who interrupt your work sessions with various non-important and non-urgent demands. To learn more on this read How to Stop Being A People Pleaser.

If you are a student these measures can include closing the apps you are not using so that you are not distracted by email alerts and social media updates when you are studying.  

Exercise Regularly
Exercise regularly to clear your mind and reduce stress with its attendant deleterious effects on productivity.

Engage in Complementary Hobbies
Engage in complementary hobbies each week to boost your creativity and problem solving skills since this will help you use your time more effectively. 

For example if as a blogger you spend most of your day in front of a computer screen, engage in hobbies that involve other people like playing group sports like basketball. 

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