Where Is Your God Now?

Where Is Your God Now?

Are you going through such a difficult time that people are asking you "Where is your God now?"

Are the thoughts in your mind asking you "Where is your God now?" because of what you are experiencing?

If you are, I would like to encourage you by telling my own experience.  

In 2016, I was going through a very rough time when I was asked "Where is your God?" I will not go into the details of how or where or who asked me this question but I was asked that question.

The question shocked me and I did not have an answer because to an onlooker, it seemed that God had abandoned me even though I was serving Him. This was because I was so broke that I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor as I could not afford to buy a bed. 

I also had many other big problems in most of the other facets of my life even though my spiritual life was okay because I was constantly praying, reading my Bible, going to Church faithfully, telling people about God and regularly listening to good preaching on YouTube almost every day.

So, even though I could not answer the question "Where is your God?" because I was living a life of physical defeat, I remembered that the Psalmist had also encountered the same question and I opened my Bible to Psalm 42 and wrote this blog post of "Where is your God?" 

Where is your God? Psalm 42 Devotional

Reading Psalm 42 really blessed me that night because the Psalmist was also going through many problems like me for he says, My tears have been my food during the day and night. (Psalm 42:3)

He also used to go to Church like me for he says, I used to go with the multitude to the house of God with the voice of praise. (Psalm 42:4) 

However life was so bad for him because his enemies were oppressing him, breaking his bones and asking him, Where is your God? (Psalm 42:9-10) 

Lessons from Psalm 42

The Psalmist's response to the question "Where is your God?" taught me the following 2 lessons that night:

Lesson 1. 

The fact that you do not know the answer to "Where is your God?" is not a reason to be depressed (cast down in your soul) or anxious and worried (disquieted within you). 

This is because in verse 10 his enemies ask him,  "Where is your God?" and then in verse 11, he replies by asking himself "Why are you cast down my soul and why are you disquieted within me?"

So if you cannot conclusively answer the question "Where is your God?"  because of the current state of your life, do not allow yourself to be depressed or anxious or worried.

Notice that I said, "Do not allow yourself to be depressed or anxious or worried" because in some situations we can take control of our thought processes and decide to think thoughts that will not depress us or make us anxious or worried. I believe that this is why Jesus told us Do not let your heart be troubled. Believe in God and also believe in Me. (John 14:1)

Therefore do not let your heart be troubled because you cannot answer the question "Where is your God?" 

Answers for the question "Where is your God?"

Lesson 2. 
When the enemy or your enemies ask you "Where is your God?" turn the conversation inward and ask yourself, Why are you cast down, O my soul? Why are you disquieted within me? (Psalm 42:5) 

So when your enemies ask you, "Where is your God?" end that conversation by not replying to them because it will drag you down the thought path of "God has abandoned you" and plunge you into depression or anxiety or worry.

Instead of continuing the discussion with your enemies, start a conversation with yourself and tell yourself, 
"Do not be cast down or depressed, O (insert your name)"
"Do not be disquieted or worried, O (insert your name)"

Then, encourage yourself by telling yourself, "Hope in God, O (insert your name) because He is my help and my God" as you emulate the Psalmist who said to himself, "Hope in God because I shall still praise Him because He is my help and my God.(Psalm 42:11)

Finally, decide to believe that you shall one day praise God because He shall help you even if you do not know how He can help you for I can testify that God did help me because today I am sleeping in a bed. 

Do not let your heart be troubled. Believe in God. Believe also in Me. John 14:1

In conclusion my brothers and sisters, if someone asks you "Where is your God?" because of all the problems you are facing, heed Jesus and do not let your heart be troubled by the question or your current life situation and decide to believe that God will help you. 

Please also note that you do not need to answer their question. 

Decide to let God answer them and work on your thoughts to ensure that the question does not weaken your faith or make you depressed or anxious or worried.

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