Mother's Day Bible Verses

Mother's Day Bible Verses

Mothers Day Bible Verses that can teach us lessons from mothers in the Bible include:

I prayed for this child and the Lord granted me the request which I asked of Him.
1 Samuel 1:27
Hannah asked God for a child and God answered her prayer by giving her baby Samuel. 

Therefore, if you would like to increase your family, pray for a baby while believing that God will answer your prayer the way He answered Hannah's. 

If all is well with me, why am I like this?
Genesis 25:21
After Isaac prayed because his wife Rebekah was barren, God answered his prayer and she conceived. However, the twins struggled withing her womb and she asked why she was feeling that way if everything was okay. Rebekah then did the right thing and Went to inquire from God (Genesis 25:22) who told her that she was carrying two nations in her womb.  

Therefore emulate Rebekah when you have any concerns about your health and inquire from the Lord why you are feeling the way you are feeling even as you ask your doctor. 

This is because gaining the spiritual insight to your problem from God will help you cope better with the physical effects of the problem. 

It is well.
2 Kings 4:23
The Shunammite woman conceived a miracle child after Elijah had prophesied to her and one day, the boy died. She then asked her husband for a donkey to go and consult Elijah and when her husband inquired why she was going, she told him "It is well." (2 Kings 4:23) 

When Elijah saw her approaching, he sent his servant to inquire of her and she replied, "It is well." (2 Kings 4:26) 

When she finally met with Elijah, she told him of her problem and he prayed for her son and his life was restored.

This mother therefore teaches us that we should not speak negative words about negative situations that we do not want to be entrenched in our lives. She shows us that we should continue making positive confessions about our situation until we get to the presence of God or meet with His servant.

So continue having faith by believing that what you are hoping for is what will happen since Faith is the substance of things hoped for (Hebrews 11:1) and speak out this faith whenever you are asked about the situation that you are believing God to help you with.

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