Need a Job? With God All Things Are Possible!

Looking for a job? With God all things are possible!

Are you looking for a job?

Are you seeking a promotion from your current position?

Do your prospects seem dismal because of your prevailing circumstances?

If they do, do not give up on getting a job or being promoted because With God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26) 

We can see a good example of this from Joseph after he was sold into slavery because of his brothers’ jealousy and he found himself imprisoned after his master’s wife falsely accused him, because while in prison he "worked" as the person in charge of the other prisoners for The prison keeper committed into Joseph's hand all the prisoners and whatever they did. (Genesis 39:22)

However, when his time came, God caused Pharaoh to dream a dream that only Joseph could decipher for All the magicians of Egypt and its wise men could not interpret it. (Genesis 41:8) 

As a result of his God given gift of dream interpretation and the fact that Pharaoh recognized that Joseph was A man in whom was the Spirit of God, (Genesis 41:38) Pharaoh promoted him from being an imprisoned slave who was not even an Egyptian to becoming the Prime Minister by telling him, You shall rule over all of Egypt (Genesis 41:41) proving that With God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26) 

Therefore if you are looking for a job or seeking to be promoted from your current one and your chances seem bleak because of your present circumstances, believe that With God nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37) as you continue serving Him faithfully from your current position.
With God all things are possible Matthew 19:26

This last fact of serving God faithfully from your current position is very important because Joseph continued serving God even when he was an imprisoned slave. We know this because when Pharaoh's imprisoned butler and baker dreamt disturbing dreams, Joseph took an interest in their well-being for he asked them, "Why do you look sad today?" (Genesis 40:7)

When they told him they had dreamt dreams they could not understand, Joseph praised God and gloried Him by saying, "Do not dream interpretations belong to God?(Genesis 40:8) before asking them to tell him their dreams.

As a result of interpreting their dreams correctly, the butler later informed Pharaoh of Joseph's gift of dream interpretation and Pharaoh sent for him.

Therefore regardless of the type of job you are doing or even if you are unemployed continue using your God-given talents to serve and glorify God as you believe Him for a better job or a promotion. 

For example if you are a gifted vocalist you can continue singing in your Church's choir as you believe God to provide you with a paid job.
A person's gift creates space for them and brings them before great people Proverbs 18:16

Need more evidence that proves With God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)? Read Yes, God Can Do It!

With God all things are possible

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