Be Specific When Praying for Your Problem

When praying for your problems, it is very important to be specific. We see this point many times in the Bible when Jesus asked people, "What do you want?"

For example, when He found blind Bartimaeus begging on the roadside, Jesus asked him, "What do you want me to do for you?" (Mark 10:51) 

Bartimaeus could have wanted his sight restored so that he could stop being blind or he could have wanted money so that he could stop begging. Though Jesus as the Son of God most probably knew what Bartimaeus wanted, He still asked him and Bartimaeus replied by being specific for He told Jesus, "Rabboni, I want to see again." (Mark 10:51)

Therefore when you are praying, learn to present specific requests to God. Instead of praying, "God help me" tell him the specific type of help you need. Do you need a job? Do you need healing? Regardless of what you need present your specific requests to God in prayer. 

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