Christian Prosperity Principles: Work

Christian Prosperity Principles: Work

Working is the ninth Christian prosperity principle for fighting poverty Biblically.

Jesus taught about the noble man who gave his servants talents before he went on a journey and told them to “Do business”. (Luke 19:13) 

Upon his return, he asked them to account for their talents and he rewarded the first servant who had made a tenfold profit from his one talent with ten cities. (Luke 19:12-24)

Therefore, identify your talents and use them to “Do business”. (Luke 19:13)
“Do business”. (Luke 19:13)

You can for example start a blog and write about some aspect of your life even anonymously. You can then "Do Business" with your blog by:
1. Earning money from advertisements placed on your blog

2. Making money by training people who want to learn more about your subject

3. Making videos about your subject and earning from adverts

4. Making training videos about your subject and selling them

5. Recording podcasts about your subject and earning from adverts

6. Making MP4s about your subject and selling them

7. Making money from speaking engagements when you talk about your subject

8. Making money from attendees and sponsors of events you host about your subject

9. Making money from attendees of webinars you host about your subject

10. Receiving donations from people who appreciate the free information you offer about your subject

To learn more read Christian Personal Finance.

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