Step 15 Free Christian Addiction Treatment Program

Step 15 Free Christian Addiction Treatment Program

Step 15
Spiritual Checklist
Are you still saved?

Are you praying every day?

Are you reading the Bible every day?

Are you going to Church every Sunday?

Are you speaking right? Saying Christian affirmations?

Are you thinking right? Doing Christian meditations?

Are you doing right?

Are you visualizing?

Are you guarding your heart?

Are you examining yourself?

Are you asking God to forgive you?
Let us examine ourselves and return to the Lord. Lamentations 3:40


Free Bible based addiction recovery program Step 15 What to do on quit day

What to do on Quit Day
Once your quit date arrives, engage in the following activities:
1. Throw away addiction paraphernalia
Throw away all the items you use to engage in the addictive behavior.

2. Buy a commitment item
Buy or make something you can wear everyday like a bracelet, watch or ring to remind yourself of your commitment to stop engaging in the addictive behavior.

3. Remind your friends
Remind your family and friends that your Quit Date has arrived and ask them to help you achieve your goal. Ask for their forgiveness if you get moody because of not engaging in the addictive behavior.

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