Who? God Who?!!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and if you are a Christian single who would like to get married and you are wondering "Who? God Who?", I have a word for you.

When Abraham saw that it was time for his son Isaac to get married he made the oldest servant in his house promise to get a wife for him from Mesopotamia which was Abraham's country of origin rather than from the land of Canaan where they lived. 

His servant therefore went to Mesopotamia and positioned himself by a well in the evening, The time when the women went to draw water. (Genesis 24:11)

Then he prayed, "O Lord God please give me success today.(Genesis 24:12)

Therefore position yourself where you are likely to meet other Christian singles and then pray for God to give you success and show you the one He has set apart for you.

How to Fight Being Single with Bible Verses 2nd Edition teaches you the Bible Verses you can pray as spiritual warfare prayers to get a husband or wife, say as Christian singles affirmations for getting a spouse and reflect on as Christian meditations for acquiring a marriage partner.

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