The Enemy Releasing Prayer and Affirmation

The enemy releasing prayer and affirmatioin

When Nehemiah was fulfilling his purpose by rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, a task he describes as, "What God had put in my heart to do at Jerusalem," (Nehemiah 2:12) he faced a lot of opposition and resistance.

However, Nehemiah and the Israelites were able to complete rebuilding those walls because they Had a mind to work. (Nehemiah 4:6) This means that they focused their minds on their work and not on their enemies. 

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Nehemiah also prayed the following prayer, My God, remember Tobiah and Sanballat according to their works and the prophetess Noadiah and all the other prophets who would have made me afraid. (Nehemiah 6:15) 

Tobiah and Sanballat were some of his enemies and they hatched numerous plots to stop the work of rebuilding Jerusalem. False prophets were also hired to make Nehemiah afraid so that the work would stop.

However, Nehemiah, prayed this prayer, which I call The Enemy Releasing Prayer because by asking God to remember his enemies and their actions he was able to release them from his mind and focus on his work.

Therefore if you find that your enemies are focusing on you like a laser, first release them from your mind by forwarding them to God in prayer and them focus your mind like a laser on doing God's work.

You can modify this Enemy Releasing Prayer in the following way: 
My God, remember (insert the names of your enemies ) because of their works and all the other people who have offended me. (Adapted Nehemiah 6:15) 

In addition, do not waste your time hoping and waiting for your enemies to stop harassing you because they will not since it is in the best interests of the devil to stop God's  work.

Do not also waste your energy fighting your enemies. Forward them to God in prayer and use that energy to do God's work. 

If you know that they are still planning more attacks, combine praying The Enemy Releasing Prayer with saying The Enemy Releasing Christian Affirmation which is Take counsel together but it will come to nothing. Speak the word but it shall not stand because God is with us. (Isaiah 8:10)
Take counsel together but it shall come to nothing. Speak the word but it shall not stand because God is with us Isaiah 8:10

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