How to Overcome Shyness

How to overcome shyness

How to Overcome Shyness teaches you several practical things you can do to break out of your cocoon of shyness the way a butterfly breaks out of its cocoon and does things that a cocooned caterpillar can only dream of.
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How to Overcome Shyness Book Excerpt

Shyness limits a person’s life by encasing them in a lonely cocoon like a metamorphosing caterpillar. Fortunately, for the shy person and the caterpillar, a time comes when they must struggle out of the restrictions of their cocoon if they are to fully enjoy the rest of their lives as beautiful, social butterflies.
If you are determined to metamorphosize from a shy loner to the lovely, sociable being that you have always instinctively known resides inside you, follow the simple steps in this book.
These practical suggestions will help you break out of your shyness cocoon and complete the rest of your life free to do whatever you want to do the way a butterfly enjoys the freedom to fly to whatever flower it fancies.
Use Systemic Desensitization to Cure Shyness
The first step in using systemic desensitization to overcome shyness involves learning abdominal breathing. 

Abdominal breathing or deep breathing is the fastest way to counter the body’s stress response. It is also one of the simplest relaxation techniques to learn and perform since it simply involves inhaling deeply through your nose until your abdomen rises, holding your breath for a few seconds, and then exhaling completely until your abdomen falls.
The second step of this systemic desensitization program involves imagining yourself doing what you normally feel shy doing. For example, if shyness stops you from talking to strangers or giving speeches, close your eyes and see yourself with your mind’s eye talking to a stranger or giving a speech to one person.
As you begin to feel the distress that emanates from your shyness, take several deep abdominal breaths to counter that distress and continue visualizing yourself taking to the stranger or giving the speech. 
Once you can comfortably imagine yourself talking to a stranger or giving a speech to one person without getting stressed or feeling shy, imagine yourself doing that activity to an increasing number of people. To learn more read How to Overcome Shyness.
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