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The first step in healing the pain from a painful past is to forgive the people who hurt you and leave them in the past where they belong. Do not continue carrying them in your mind and thereby marrying them to your present as they will continue to mar your life. Cut the cords of bitterness binding them to your heart with the knife of forgiveness and reduce the tension in your life by forgetting them so that you can reach forward into your future unencumbered.

If the urge to revenge hinders you from forgiving them, remind yourself that God says vengeance is His and He will repay. (Romans 12:19) Cry out to Him in prayer so that He can deal with all those who hurt you. Scriptures you can pray include Lamentations 3:59 which asks God to judge your case Himself as He has seen how you been wronged.

Don't waste your time or energy plotting have retaliation as this is detrimental for healing the past. Instead, remind yourself of the Pharaoh of Egypt who killed many Israelite babies and yet in his own palace, he ended up feeding and educating Moses, an Israelite, who later freed all the Israelite slaves from their Egyptian masters.

Learn also from Joseph after his father Jacob died, when his brothers were afraid that he would punish them for selling him into slavery for he told them not to be afraid and asked them if he was in the place of God to avenge himself. (Genesis 50:19)

Therefore, do not attempt to take God’s place and avenge yourself. Leave the issue with Him for He knows how best to balance the scales of justice for God is a just judge. Trust Him and His judgment and His chastisement and you will be able to declare to Him that you smile at your enemies because you rejoice in His salvation. (1 Samuel 2:1)

If you have difficulties forgetting the pain from your past, seek Christian counseling so that you can be healed emotionally. Then ask God to help you forget the painful past as He helped Joseph forget his for Joseph even named his first son Manasseh which means to forget.

The second step of healing the pain from a painful past is to be fruitful in your present. Joseph named his second son Ephraim which means fruitful for God had helped him be fruitful. So engage your mind and body in a constructive, productive cause like Joseph who was fully engaged in preparing for the looming famine by storing grain. Joseph was also married to Asenath and they had two lovely sons so balance your life by filling it with fulfilling relationships.

The third step for healing the past is to help a less fortunate member of your society even if they contributed to your pain. Learn from Joseph the Prime Minister who helped his brothers when they came to Egypt looking for food to escape starvation. 

Therefore, look for a person whose life situation is worse than yours and help them as this will shift your focus from your painful past to your productive present. Helping a less fortunate member of society will also help you count and be grateful for your current blessings. 

Helping the people who hurt you like Joseph did may also put some issues in perspective because seeing the famine- stricken condition of his brothers may have helped Joseph realize that their act of selling him into slavery was really an act of God sending him ahead of them to prepare for the famine. (Genesis 45:8)  

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