If you want something (that Jesus would approve) and people and problems hindering your getting it, learn from the 4 men who brought a paralyzed man to one of Jesus' meetings. And when they could not come near Him because of the crowd, they uncovered the roof where He was. So when they had broken through, they let down the bed on which the paralytic was lying. When Jesus saw their faith (Mark 2:3-12) he healed the sick man.

There are 7 lessons that we can learn from these men:
1. If you can’t get in through the door, climb in through the roof
These 4 men wanted to get in to where Jesus was but the crowd would not let them get in through the regular channels i.e. the door. They therefore had to think of a Plan B of how they would achieve their goal. They may have considered using the windows but chances are that if the crowd was so thick that they couldn’t enter through the door, the windows were also heavily populated.

Therefore, if you want it badly enough and you can’t get in through the door, climb up the roof and get in through the roof. If they won’t let you in through the door, take your entrance by spiritual force by climbing in through the roof.

2. If you can’t get in through the open door, enter through the closed roof  
The open door was closed to the men by the crowd and so they had to open up something for themselves so that they too could get in. There was no pre-existing opening in the roof. It was solid and closed unlike the open but heavily populated doors and windows.

Therefore if the pre-existing target market is saturated with products similar to yours and they won’t give you a second of their day or a dime of their money, create your own niche market. Just as they pulled the paralyzed man up to  the roof, utilize pull marketing to create a new niche opening in the market for your products.

So, create your own opening, your own chance, your own opportunity if you can’t access the existing ones.

In addition, think up before you think down. That means think of how you can get in from the top first before you start thinking of how you can get in from the bottom. Think of how you can break in through the roof first before strategerizing how you are going to tunnel your way up through the floor.

3. The problems may increase but continue working
These 4 men had been dealing with the problem of the weight of the sick man, the weight of his bed, the uncooperative crowd and now they had to fight gravity as they tried to pull and pulley him up the roof. 
Therefore, even if the problems increase at each stage, continue working until you get your breakthrough and desired goal.    

4. Keep your faith alive
The faith that Jesus saw in these men that resulted in the healing is the same faith that kept them working towards their goal despite the increasing challenges.

Therefore, keep your faith in Jesus’ ability to help you achieve your goals alive all the time and have faith in yourself and in your goals and products like the Proverbs 31 woman who knew that her goods were good for She perceives that her merchandise is good. (Proverbs 31:18)

5. Work until you get your breakthrough
These 4 men had been working for a long time for they had been walking carrying the sick man on his bed and then they had tried to carry him through the crowd and failed and then they had to pulley him up the roof and then they had to breakthrough the roof and then they had to lower him down to Jesus. They did all the work and followed through until they achieved their goal of having the sick man healed.

Therefore, work and then work and then work some more until you break through your problems and achieve your goals. Even if your goal is attending a healing service where the servant of God with the anointing of healing is going to be ministering, work even if that means waking up at 2.00am to beat the traffic and the weather and your responsibilities and get there by the time the doors open at 10.00am.

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