Have you been facing one mind-boggling, nerve-wracking stressful event after another? If so, learn from David’s experiences and continue trusting God.

When David was a shepherd, he experienced recurring stressful situations when lions and bears would attack his flock and steal his lamb. (1 Samuel 17: 34-35) But, having to repeatedly fight for his flock and fight for his life, David’s faith in God was strengthened for he learned that he could depend on God to help him overcome any type of challenge no matter how big or dangerous it was.

His recurrent stressful situations generated such gigantic faith in God that neither Goliath’s massive size or menacing appearance or metallic armor or King Saul’s dispiriting words that he could not triumph over Goliath due to his inexperience (1 Samuel 17: 33) deterred him from fighting Goliath. His unshakable faith in God enabled him to declare to King Saul that God, who delivered him from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear would also deliver him from the hand of Goliath. (1 Samuel 17: 37)

Therefore, we can see that God had been preparing David out in the pastureland away from the “real” battlefield to fight the big battle with Goliath by letting him singlehandedly fight the marauding lions and bears.

Likewise, if deadly problems keep attacking you or your family or your ministry or your business, trust in God even if you do not understand why your life has to unfold in that manner.

Trust God and understand that He may have placed you in the shepherd position that you are in right now not so much to take care of sheep, but primarily to learn how to deal with the lions and bears, trials and tribulations that are attacking you by learning to depend on Him. He may also be using these challenges that you are facing right now to strengthen your faith and increase your skills as He prepares you for the big task that He has in store for you in the future.

Therefore, keep trusting God no matter how many bears repeatedly attack you for He will never let more bears attack you than you can bear. (I Corinthians 10:13)

Adapted from Managing Stress with the Word of God by Dr Miriam Kinai © 2006. For more info click here.


  1. its really true, faith in God can wonders. No fear, no tears will be there.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and it is true that with faith in God nothing is impossible.


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