Relaxation Tips: Dance, Eat oranges, Flavor with basil

Relaxation Tips: Dance, Eat oranges, Flavor with basil

The following relaxation tips can help you manage stress more effectively:


Dancing is a great activity to engage in when you are stressed because it is a form of aerobic exercise. It, therefore, helps the body burn stress hormones and this effect reduces your chances of developing a stress-related illness.

Dancing also helps elevate endorphin levels which make you feel better. 

Therefore put on your favorite music and dance to your heart’s delight whenever stress tries to weigh you down.
Dance to manage stress

Eat Oranges

Studies suggest that oranges can reduce the changes which occur when the body is stressed because they contain a compound known as linalool. 

These citrus fruits are also great sources of vitamin C which is used by the body to boost the immune system. This makes it especially vital when the body is battling with stress which depresses the immune system.

Therefore ensure that you eat an orange a day to help you cope with stress.
Eat oranges to manage stress

Flavor with Basil

Basil has been used for centuries because of its healing benefits which include anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Studies have added to its long line of health benefits by suggesting that it can help with stress management since it contains a chemical known as linalool.

Therefore flavor your meat and vegetable dishes with this healing herb and you will reduce the hazardous effects of stress on your body.
Flavor food with basil to manage stress

Rules of relaxation

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