Relaxation Tips: Yawn, Zone your home

Relaxation Tips: Yawn, Zone your home

The following relaxation tips can help you manage stress more effectively:


Yawning opens the mouth completely and releases tension in the jaw and face muscles. These effects are further complemented by taking the deep breath that characterizes a yawn.

Therefore try and yawn whenever you begin to feel stressed, even if you have to do it in secret.
Yawn to manage stress

Zone your Home

Creating a stress-free zone in your home can help you relax and prevent the effects of stress accumulating.

Therefore chose a room in your home where you will carve out your stress-free zone and decorate it with stress-relieving d├ęcor accents like plump cushions, scented candles, small fountains, soothing books, and other items that can help you unwind and relax. 

Zone to manage stress

Rules of Relaxation

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