Hope helps you peer into the future from your present stressful situation through glasses tinged rosy-red with optimism rather than through those tinted bleak-black with hopelessness.

Hope enables you to persevere, persist and press through problems until you get a permanent solution. The perfect example is the woman in Mark chapter 5 who had bleed heavily for 12 years, spent all her money on doctors’ consultation fees and yet her condition kept deteriorating.

Yet, despite it all, she did not let her hope in the Lord Jesus Christ deteriorate.

Her healthy hope in Jesus strengthened her, enabling her to push through the crowds even though she was most probably weakened by severe anemia after having bled for 12 years.

The audacity of her hope emboldened her, enabling her to seek a solution from Jesus and disregard tradition and people who wanted her to sit at home and die with her issues.

Though she was healed because of her faith, it was hope which fueled this faith and enabled her to persevere until she received the substance of the thing that she had been hoping for.

Therefore, regardless of whether you have lost your health, wealth, family or friends as a result of your stressful situation, do not loose your hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.

If your hope in Him begins to wane, remind yourself of this woman and continue hoping in God for you shall yet praise Him for He is your help. (Psalm 42:11)

Adapted from Rules of Relaxation by Dr. Miriam Kinai (C) 2007. For more info click here.

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